March News Letter 2018


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Message From the President  by Kathy Beaudry (aka Queenie)

Hopefully everyone has survived the massive snowfall last weekend and has dug themselves out. Thankfully the Olympics were on TV to help with cabin fever!
We still have one last trip going out the end of February to Steamboat Colorado. I hear the Europe trip that some our members went on with CMSC was great! I’m hoping some of our members have been able to plan some ski trips on their own with friends or family. No matter where you go or who you’re with hitting the slopes is always fun! Kathy aka Queenie




Social Events by John Ruffner


Feel the chill.... let it snow!

This will be the last social report till April. So, I am wishing all of you that are skiing a great time on the slopes. Always stay upright and forward.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season. Always social, John

 Have fun, Be safe, and Enjoy!!!    




From the Editor by Ron Dewey

Memberships expire June 30th, Please renew.
Applications can be found on the web site. Renew and be part of the fun!

The deadline for the April newsletter is Thursday, March 22. 


2018-19 Election News

Attention all club members! Below is the election slate of officers for the 2018-19 Executive Committee. This slate will be presented at the March 15th general meeting with the election being held at the April 19th meeting. Nominations from the floor will be taken for each office prior to the election at the the April meeting.

Here is the slate of officers:

President: Kathy Beaudry

Vice-President: Brent Radomski

Secretary: Deb Hylek

Treasurer: Pam Bishop

Week Trip Director: Jim Boisso

Weekend Trip Director: Noelle Newman and Sherry Lepacik; Co-directors

Day Trip director: Position Open

Membership Director: Judy McCarthy

Social Director: John Ruffner

Newsletter Editor: Ron Dewey

Webmaster: This is an appointed position anyone interested contact an Executive Committee member after the election.

Remember: A quorum is needed for the election to be held. Please mark your calendars, and attend this important meeting. The future of our club depends on all of us!




CMSC Events and News: 

Visit the CMSC website at  for
events and trips that may be of interest to you.


SPRING FLING 2018: COPPER MOUNTAIN April 11- April 16, 2018

One space available as of January 25. If you are interest in this trip contact Larry Douglas ASAP, to see if this trip is still open.

Contact: Larry Douglas  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Wednesday to Monday trip. Price: $880.00PP.
If you are interest in this trip contact Larry Douglas This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP like now, to see if this trip is still open. 40 spots reserved, staying in the Village. 4 days of skiing, wine and cheese reception. See the CMSC Website under “CMSC Events” for details, as well as Trip application, Waivers, and flyers. 5 nights in 2 bedroom condos. The pricing using Southwest will take the trip down to $880.00 PP.

 The CMSC European tripto Kitzbühel, Austria is also open for sign-ups. Sign up as individuals with CMSC. See the CMSC website for information under events. There were only 6 spots available as of May 20, more spots can be arranged. If you sign-up after the present spots are full, you will be placed on a standby list until new spots are procured, you will then be contacted.  



Week Trips by Jim Boisso


This Trip leaves JANUARY 13 - 20, 2018 Saturday to Saturday, 

!!! Done !!!

Trip Report: by Jim Boisso

An early start for some of the group on Saturday January 13th got fifteen Joliet skiers headed northwest to Calgary for a week skiing and sightseeing. The trip out to the National Park started just fine except the bus driver took us though the west side of town instead of using the major routes out of town to CANADA Route #1. We were able to check in upon arrival, every one had a balcony room on the quiet sides of the building. Just a short walk to the main drag of town served everyone for dinning, shopping and other entertainment. The bus stop to all the mountain resorts was just out the front door, bus services were all coach liners with ski and board storage below in custom designed storage shelves.

Sunday The first day those that were skiing ventured off to Sunshine Village, an excellent day of skiing. Many runs of all levels, lifts that are easy to navigate from one area to the next. Two of the group decided to ski out on the last run, it's the original service road up the mountain to the first base lodge. The gondola from the parking lot is the means to ride up and down for 99% of all skiers. Some times you just have to experience the whole mountain. The turtle's group just kicked back the first day and enjoyed some peace and quiet. Two of our adventurers ventured off to Kicking Horse Mountain for some snowmobiling. The evening meals were consumed in several locations, neighboring restaurants, the Meatball Bar at the hotel, and several downtown.
Monday found the group at Lake Louise Resort after an hour bus ride, a very enjoyable day was had by all, save one who took a bad fall and took the remainder of the week off to recoup. We were given free tickets to the Banff Springs Hot Pools, and the Banff museum, several of the ladies took advantage of a short dip in the natural pools. Some of the group took a wild animal tour in the Park. Each morning we enjoyed a good breakfast of both hot and cold varieties, with omelets or eggs made to order. Most mornings we had the restaurant to ourselves, with a few overnight guests stopping in for their morning send off.
Tuesday found us back at Sunshine Village and a great day skiing. Others in the group visited the chateau at Lake Louise for some great sunlit views of the lake and mountains. This day also marked the start of a new snowboarder adventure for Adam Jamant, he really took to the sport and is very enthusiastic about continuing.
Wednesday found the majority of the gang taking the day off and venturing to the chateau, there will be a winter carnival starting the Saturday we leave. The ice sculptures blocks were all in place being acclimated to the weather, our shuttle driver told us that the USA has won the past several years. The team is from the Philippines: so was he. The castle facade was in place and being photographed by all visitors. The lake was being enjoyed by skaters, cross country skiers and hikers. Others of the group enjoyed a grotto walk into a frozen stream canyon. With a night adventure into Johnston Canyon and some great views of the night sky before it started to snow.

Thursday every one went to Lake Louise Resort under the advice that they would have better snow coverage. It continued to snow though out the day, the light was not as flat as we thought it might be. It was a shorter than normal day because of the heavy snow and tired calves. Adam tried boarding again and had a great day remembering what he had learned two days prior. A number of restaurants were patronized this evening, Earl's, Wild Billy's Saloon, Bear Street Bar and Grill, and the Meatball. Every establishment visited through the week had rave reviews from one and all.
Friday was the last day and most of us spent it at Sunshine Village, just a day for cruising, enjoying the sun, and a mix of local skiers at lunch and on the
lifts with info from the area.

Saturday we enjoyed our last breakfast at the hotel, and waited for our bus, which was fifteen minutes late due to an accident on the route out. We had time to work with, the car that had stopped traffic west bound had been removed and the traffic had just started to move, looked to be backed up for one mile plus all three lanes, mostly skiers heading out for the weekend. The trip home was only marred by one glitch, Ron's skis did not make the luggage carrousel, they were in the airport but no one knew where. He received them at midnight that same day. It was a great trip with good times and comrades.



February 24 - March 3, 2018 CMSC

!!! DONE !!!

No Trip Report Yet !




Weekend Trips  by Noelle Newman


Welch Village Ski & Snowboard Area  Red Wing, Minnesota

January 5th - 7th, 2018 

 !!!  DONE !!!

Trip Report: By Noelle Newman

Thank you all for making this years trip to Welch a successful one for me as a first time trip leader. This year we had Daniel "aka" Mr. Awesome, Tracy's brother, as a driver. You all remember Tracy right?! Daniel got us there and back safely Sunday night in rain, sleet and snow.
Barb had a lot of her family on the trip and she was just elated that she got to ski with her grandchildren.
Due to the cold on Saturday we had 2 return trips from Welch to Super8. I was surprised by some of the faces on the earlier bus. You know who you are.
The Newman's had fun bowling, and I heard the Westphals and Lewandoskis had fun at Cosmic bowl.



Indianhead/Blackjack Resorts, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

February 9-11, 2018.

This Trip has been canceled due to the lack of sign-ups 




We have found a place to get t-shirts, sweatshirts etc! BIG FROG of Shorewood. at 1141 Brook Forest in Shorewood, right behind Portillos. They have numerous styles to choose from. Custom T-shirts shop for members to order shirts. Shirts can be purchased individually; from what they have in the store or they can also be ordered from a catalog. – we don't need a minimum order. They have our new logo on file – just go in and choose a shirt and decide where and how big you want the logo. Turn around time is usually 24 hours. Trot on over and see what you can find. Let's advertise our Club by wearing JSC shirts!




This, That, and Whatever I Can Use to Fill the Space Below by Ron Dewey:

March has 4 club members that have a Birthday, so say Happy Birthday to them this month !!!

The deadline for the April newsletter is Thursday March 22nd. 

On the Website there is a new area called "For Sale". Anyone can list things they want to sell. For details and information, on the website, place the curser over EVENTS, then find "!!!! For Sale !!!!" under Social Meetings. If your looking to buy you may find it there.


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