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Welcome to The Joliet Ski Club Web Site.

Come In Look around, Get the latest

On Club News, Outings, Events, & Ski Trips.



!!! August is here !!!

!!! Summer is Here and it's Hot !!!



Meetings are 3rd Thursday of the Month. 


 Knights of Columbus on Infantry Drive in Joliet at 7pm.

We hope you had a great Ski Season !! 


Membership Renewals by Ron Dewey

Your 2014-15 membership renewal was due July 1, 2014. Dues are $30. An additional fee of $10 is required if you wish to receive the newsletter by USPS mail. A membership application is included as part of this newsletter. The membership application is also available at the website ( ). Life members must submit a completed application form for 2014-15. If you do not renew your membership by August 21, 2014, the August newsletter will be the last one you receive until you pay your 2014-15 dues. This is your last notice.

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biker biking.bmp


!!! The Clubs Tuesday Night Bike Rides !!! 

!!! Is Done For The Season !!! 


For questions or directions contact Pam Bishop !! 

For more Information !!. .

(see: Biker's Babes ,14)

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Monday Night Golf

The Official Unofficial Golf League Schedule !!!!! 

  Any questions? email Dee at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

  Unofficial Official Golf League will meet on Monday nights about 5 PM at various area golf courses.

They form foursomes, tee off, and hack up the course. You do not need to be the best golfer. All you need is to know how to have fun and the ability to take the good with the bad. After the golfing is done many of the golfers go out to eat at a nearby restaurant..


Aug 4: WEDGEWOOD GOLF COURSE, Caton Farm Road & Rt. 59, Joliet  815-741-7270

Aug 11: NETTLE CREEK GOLF COURSE at 5355 Saratoga Rd., Morris 815-941-4300 

Aug 18: INWOOD GOLF COURSE at 3000 West Jefferson, Joliet 815-741-7265


(see: Golf Events 2014 for more info)

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  Editor's Corner 

Extra.. Extra... !! Read all about it !!

For the latest news and gossip visit the Editor's Corner.
Leave it to our Editor to get the last word.

Welcome Ron Dewey, Back to the Editor's Desk  

Deadline for Both Week Trips is August 21st by Barb Lewandowski

Important!! – If you are planning on going on a week trip, you need to sign up for a spot by August 21, 2014  

CMSC Annual Picnic. Sat. August 16, 2014. Opens at noon. Fox River Grove IL. 

(see: Ron's Corner ,2014)

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  Membership Contact List

Now you can contact by e-mail our members. click on Contacts Us then Membership Contact. for a list of members. If you would like your e-mail address added to the list Please drop Earley C. a note with the appropriate information.

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13/14 Memberships Expires 6/30 – It’s a bargain at $30 a year! Fill out the membership form and return with your dues to Kathy B, or Pam B, or mail to:

Joliet Ski Club – P.O. Box 2542 – Joliet. IL 60434-2542



Knights of Columbus Hall 100 S. 129th Infantry Drive, Joliet IL.

Please check back often for more information !